About the practice:

We not only represent our clients in domestic courts but also advise them on litigation abroad, and on cooperation between Russian and foreign courts. We have worked on court cases in 40 countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.

We act as a link between Russian clients and local counsel in foreign jurisdictions. We can accurately describe the task at hand to such local counsel, agree on a budget and a deadline, and monitor the quality of the service.

Our services in this area include:

  • the granting of interim relief measures by foreign courts in support of Russian litigation proceedings;
  • obtaining foreign lawyers’ legal opinions for Russian courts;
  • preparing foreign citizens’ witness statements for Russian courts as well as Russian witness statements for foreign courts;
  • enforcement of Russian awards and court judgments abroad as well as enforcement of foreign judgments in Russia;
  • serving Russian court notices on foreign entities and vice-versa;
  • serving foreign court notices in Russia (for example, witness interrogation and recording of evidence) and serving Russian court notices abroad;
  • handling cases related to Russian business, which are being considered on their merits by foreign courts.

Obtaining interim relief in a French court in favour of a Russian investor. Advising a client in relation to a bank guarantee issued by a French bank.

United Kingdom

Tracing a debtor’s assets in the United Kingdom, obtaining English court interim relief in favour of a Russian bank, preparing a Russian law witness statement for an English court.


Representing a Russian private pension fund in the Brussels Commercial Court in a dispute relating to the acquisition of shares in a major Russian bank.

The British Virgin Islands

Preparing a Russian law legal opinion for a BVI court in relation to a dispute regarding the recovery of damages from the management of a Russian energy company.


Defending a Russian transport company in three sets of proceedings in a Syrian court.


Advising Russian state companies in relation to the enforcement of foreign court and arbitration decisions in China.


Advising a Russian construction company on sanctions imposed against it by the UN and on bank guarantees issued by Turkish banks.


Drafting an expert opinion on Russian employment and corporate law and on disclosure of evidence in the divorce proceedings of a Russian businessman in a US court.


Representing a Russian investor in proceedings in Kazakh courts.