About the practice:

We represent clients in Russian state commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction of all levels (including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court) in all regions of Russia, including in the following disputes:

  • disputes on recovery of debts, losses and unjust enrichment
  • corporate disputes
  • insolvency
  • challenging asset transfer transactions
  • vindication disputes
  • land and real estate disputes
  • disputes arising out of lease and rental agreements
  • disputes arising out of agency, purchase and distribution agreements
  • construction disputes
  • energy disputes
  • IP disputes
  • labour disputes
  • defamation disputes
  • disputes with state authorities

“KK&P Lawyers is a boutique dispute resolution firm – and one of the leading (if not the leading) firm of this kind in Russia. Its partners and associates are first-class dispute lawyers”The Legal 500, 2021

“Excellent litigators, great at resolving cases in Russian courts”
The Legal 500, 2021

“For a year of work on the project, we did not have a single hitch on organizational issues, not a single agreed condition was violated, which allowed us to feel that the fate of our project was in good hands and we can rely on KK&P for any matter”
The Legal 500, 2021

“They have a strong preparation in court hearings. They represent the interest of our company as if they are part of it”
Chambers Europe, 2021

“The team is excellent to work with – it remains innovative and responsive to the tightest of deadlines”
The Legal 500, 2020

“They find common ground with judges, counterparties and clients”
The Legal 500, 2020

“Very often, lawyers speak their own legal language rather than the language of business – KK&P Trial Lawyers is a pleasant exception. When a client does not understand the intricacies of the legal process, this can be particularly reassuring»
The Legal 500, 2020

“… meticulous attention to detail of every single document and piece of evidence”
Chambers Europe, 2020

“The very well-connected team at KK&P Trial Lawyers knows the Russian disputes market inside and out and is highly recommended for difficult mandates”
The Legal 500, 2019

“KK&P partners are distinguished by their “bravery”, proving more willing to take on cases against major Russian state-owned companies than some of their local competitors”
The GAR 100, 2019

“The team is praised for its very thorough and detailed work on each and every aspect of the case”
Chambers Europe, 2019

“The approachable, pragmatic team at KK&P has excellent litigation capabilities and an innovative mindset, and finds creative solutions to difficult, high-stakes issues”
The Legal 500, 2018

“Kulkov and Pokryshkin are like ‘raging bulls’ during hearings”
The GAR 100, 2018

“They do an excellent job of managing a large number of proceedings, and are always responsive and cognisant of the client’s concerns”
Chambers Europe, 2018

“They are driven by the client’s success. They invest time to understand the client’s situation and desired result”
Chambers Europe, 2017

“We have found their advice to be measured, considered and business-oriented, the merits and risks of every course of action having been carefully calculated. The team’s work is both results-driven and as efficient as possible for the client”
KPMG, 2015

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Representing one of the ten largest transport companies in Russia in a dispute against the Department of Presidential Affairs of Russia, which claimed $30m in compensation for harm caused by the client’s allegedly illegal privatisation and disposal of Russian real estate assets located abroad (UK, India, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland).
Defending Agrosnabsakhar and Trio in a dispute over a claim by Russia’s largest agricultural holding, Rusagro, for US$19m-worth of damages for a breach of a sugar supply contract, allegedly concluded by electronic communication. Through our efforts, the parties entered into a settlement that reduced the amount of the original claim by 60%.
Successfully defending T Plus, a major Russian company operating in the field of electricity and heat generation, in connection with Volga Paper Company’s claim for damages of US$11.5m arising out of the sale and purchase contract for a thermal power plant.
Representing RBC, one of the largest Russian media holdings, in a dispute over a claim by Independent Oil and Gas Company (NNK) for the recovery of RUB500m for damage to business reputation allegedly caused by an article published by RBC about a transactions between NNK and Rosneft. The firm’s efforts helped to defeat the claim against our client.
Representing Orion – a defendant in a corporate dispute (worth over US$13m) relating to the invalidation of an issue of shares in a Russian IT company and the challenging of the SPA. The claimant alleged that she was a beneficiary of the company and that the shares were disposed of without her consent. The claim was dropped.
Defending Sibanthracite Logistic in six interconnected disputes in the Moscow Commercial Court against Novotrans Group’s claims for recovery of fines totalling about US$9m for excessive idle time of railcars and excessive presence of railcars on the territory of foreign countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Belarus).

Representing Raiffeisenbank in a dispute over the demolition of a shopping mall (pledged in favour of the bank) based on the claim of a municipal authority. The parties entered into a lease agreement for a municipal land plot, which nullified the opponent’s claims, as the basis for its demolition claims was the lack of title to the land.
Representing Caterpillar Financial in 11 cases concerning claims issued against the Client by the Lessee for unjust enrichment which arose out of the redemption value of machinery.
Representing Yamal LNG (Russia’s largest liquefied natural gas plant, named Project of the Year by Forbes in 2018) in a dispute over the quality of aviation fuel.
Representing ING bank in a dispute initiated by Russian debt collectors over the recovery of damages allegedly caused by the client due to the alleged violation of the priority of satisfaction of the creditors’ claims, namely, the procedure for discharge of creditors’ claims if there is no sufficient money in the debtor’s account.
Defending the client in a dispute over a claim by NLMK, the largest producer of rolled steel for the construction industry in Russia, regarding reclamation of a land plot owned by the client and invalidation of that plot’s sale and purchase agreement.
Representing a former shareholder of one of the leading research and production enterprises in the Chuvash Republic in a dispute over a claim for the recovery of over RUB 600 million of the actual value of the share in the authorised capital of the company.
Defending a client who recently provided audit reports for one of the largest Russian retail chains in proceedings aimed at declaring the audit reports misleading on the basis of a claim of one of the shareholders of the chain who considers that the reports failed to address important issues affecting financial performance.

Over 30 court cases in connection with the illegal dissipation of assets worth US$6 billion controlled by Mukhtar Ablyazov.

Representing MDM Bank and Rost Bank (Binbank group) with claims amounting to RUB 4.7 billion in the bankruptcy cases of four company groups incorporating 33 electronics suppliers.

Representing Brunswick Rail in a dispute with a rolling stock manufacturer on the recovery of US$7 million under an agreement for the supply and lease of 80 railcars.

Representing OJSC Togliattiazot in dozens of cases, including a minority claim for the recovery of damages resulting from a lowering of sales prices on foreign markets.

Defending Caterpillar Financial in eight court disputes arising out of agreements for the lease of construction equipment amounting to US$18 million.

Defending one of the world’s largest auditing and consulting companies in a dispute with an advisory services customer.
The dispute arose in relation to a consulting services agreement for analysis of the effectiveness of the implementation of an investment project relating to a major construction project.
Challenging a FAS of Russia decision in relation to OJSC Novorossiysk Sea Port in connection with alleged abuse of a dominant market position.
Representing IKEA in a claim against its neighbour regarding the demolition of IKEA’s logistics centre.
Defending the television channel, 2×2, against a suit brought against it by the prosecutor’s office prohibiting the broadcast of the South Park cartoon in connection with accusations of incitement of religious and racial hatred.

Representing a senior executive in a dispute relating to a claim by a major bank for recovery from our client of US$0.5 million allegedly arising from American Express services payments. During negotiations with the bank we achieved settlement between our client and the opponent.

Settlement of a dispute relating to the construction of a shopping centre in Volgograd for Castorama after initiating and winning several court cases against the developer (debtor).
Representing a Russian investment company in a dispute in relation to a 25% share in a Russian mobile operator. The dispute was settled.