About the practice:

We represent clients in Russian state commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction of all levels (including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court) in all regions of Russia.

When asked why they chose us, clients answer as follows:

  • KK&P’s advice is measured and business-oriented, the merits and risks having been carefully calculated
  • KK&P lawyers always look for the best way to settle the dispute as quickly and as effectively as possible
  • Mr Kulkov’s participation in a case makes us confident of its successful resolution.

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Clients usually engage us in connection with:

  • corporate disputes
  • construction disputes
  • real estate and lease disputes
  • challenging asset transfer transactions
  • disputes with state authorities
  • IP disputes
  • disputes arising out of agency and distribution agreements
  • disputes arising out of transport lease agreements
  • debt collection disputes
  • bankruptcy

Over 30 court cases in connection with the illegal dissipation of assets worth US$6 billion controlled by Mukhtar Ablyazov.

Representing MDM Bank and Rost Bank (Binbank group) with claims amounting to RUB 4.7 billion in the bankruptcy cases of four company groups incorporating 33 electronics suppliers.

Representing Brunswick Rail in a dispute with a rolling stock manufacturer on the recovery of US$7 million under an agreement for the supply and lease of 80 railcars.

Representing OJSC Togliattiazot in dozens of cases, including a minority claim for the recovery of damages resulting from a lowering of sales prices on foreign markets.

Defending Caterpillar Financial in eight court disputes arising out of agreements for the lease of construction equipment amounting to US$18 million.

Defending one of the world’s largest auditing and consulting companies in a dispute with an advisory services customer.
The dispute arose in relation to a consulting services agreement for analysis of the effectiveness of the implementation of an investment project relating to a major construction project.
Challenging a FAS of Russia decision in relation to OJSC Novorossiysk Sea Port in connection with alleged abuse of a dominant market position.
Representing IKEA in a claim against its neighbour regarding the demolition of IKEA’s logistics centre.
Defending the television channel, 2×2, against a suit brought against it by the prosecutor’s office prohibiting the broadcast of the South Park cartoon in connection with accusations of incitement of religious and racial hatred.