Maxim Kulkov will arbitrate the final rounds of the CJEU MOOT COURT COMPETITION

On 20 March, KK&P Managing Partner Maxim Kulkov will arbitrate the final rounds of the CJEU Moot Court Competition to lift sanctions in the European Court.

The participants will consider a fictitious dispute dedicated to the problem of EU legislation and sanctions law. The case is based on “The Inhabited Island”, a fictional story by the Strugatsky brothers, and the life of people on the planet Saraksh in conditions of irreconcilable struggle between neighbouring states.

As a result of an armed conflict between two states, Maxim Kammerer’s construction company becomes subject to international sanctions due to it being an enterprise associated with the government of the aggressor state and being a source of its additional income. Kammerer files a claim challenging the imposition of such sanctions with the General Court of the Island Empire.

Each moot court team will present its position in the spoken rounds, which will take place on 17–20 March 2024 in English. The participants will consider issues of error in assessing the facts, violation of the principle of proportionality in relation to the adoption of restrictive measures and the right to effective judicial protection.

KKP’s Sanctions Practice has been one of its key practices since 2022. The firm’s lawyers are involved in many precedent-setting sanctions cases, and successfully defend client interests in a rapidly changing sanctions environment.

The firm has approximately 30 sanctions cases, which are worth a total of almost $220bn. Some of these have set trends for sanctions and anti-sanctions laws.

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The general sponsors of the CJEU MOOT COURT COMPETITION are BGP Litigation, Nikolskaya Consulting and Nektorov, Saveliev & Partners. The primary purpose of this moot court is to encourage students’ interest in the continuously evolving field of sanctions compliance and to enhance their practical skills, which can be effectively applied in their future professional career.