Maxim Kulkov took part in the Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2024 Virtual Round Table

In March, The Corporate LiveWire organised a Virtual Round Table discussion during which well-known experts from the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and Panama discussed the latest trends relating to litigation and dispute resolution in their jurisdiction. The event was held in the format of a series of online questions, to which lawyers were asked to give detailed answers.

KK&P Managing Partner Maxim Kulkov was invited as an expert on Russian law and spoke on:

  • the increase in the number of sanctions disputes and their impact on legal proceedings;
  • recent regulatory changes, landmark cases and examples of new case law precedents;
  • trends in industry-specific litigation;
  • the most effective means of litigation and Dispute Resolution in Russia
  • the biggest challenges for clients pursuing International Litigation, and
  • which contractual disputes arise most often today.


You can find a link to the full text of the Roud Table here or download the pdf here.

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