Special Projects


Representing a major Russian bank in relation to interim relief measures taken by an English court. Obtaining English law opinions for Russian courts. Obtaining English court orders in relation to the transfer of shares in a Russian company. Preparing a Russian law witness statement for an English court. Advice on English defamation law. Representing Interstate Bank before Companies House with regard to its liquidation. Representing a Russian transport company before LCIA. Tracking a debtors’ assets in the UK.


Advising a US technology company during an audit of compliance by its Russian subsidiaries with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) after the closing of a transaction for the acquisition of shares in these companies. Advising a major state-owned company on defamation and procedural law.
Representing the independent compliance monitor of a financial services company, a global leader in person-to-person money transfers, on combating fraud and the laundering of the proceeds of crime.


Advising a Russian construction company in relation to bank guarantees issued by Turkish banks.
Advising the client in relation to possible proceedings in Turkey.
Advising a Russian contractor in relation to implementation of UN sanctions in Turkey.


Advice on recognition in Germany of a Russian domestic arbitral award and related interim relief measures. Advice in relation to anticorruption, criminal material and criminal procedural law. Advice in relation to German defamation law. Advice in connection with a bank guarantee issued by a German bank. Advice in relation to interim relief granted by a German court. Advice in relation to implementation of UN sanctions in Germany.


Advising a Russian investor in relation to a large infrastructure project.
Advising regarding various issues concerning contract, labour and administrative law.
Representing a Russian construction company in several court cases.


Representing a Russian transport company in three proceedings before a Syrian court.