Preparing an expert report for the Economic Court of Minsk in a dispute between the Republic of Belarus (RB) and the client, arising from a loan agreement for financing of Osipovchiskiy rail car plant, secured by a RB guarantee and guarantee of individuals, and relating to the validity of restrictions from the guarantees.


Representing the International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA), Azerbaijan’s largest bank, in a dispute with Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, in proceedings for the recognition of the decision on IBA’s US$3.3 billion debt restructuring. The dispute demonstrated, for the first time, the Russian courts’ legal position on the consequences of foreign restructuring conducted under UNCITRAL Rules.


Advice in relation to enforcement of foreign court judgments in Ukraine.


Advising in relation to enforcement of a Russian court decision against an Armenian company.
Advising Interstate Bank on Armenian corporate law.


Representing a Russian investor in a number of court proceedings before Kazakh courts.