The GAR 100 rating has once again listed KK&P as one of the best international arbitration firms

In the 12th Edition of the GAR 100 (published in 2019), which still only lists two Russian firms, KK&P was listed among the world’s best international arbitration firms.

The firm’s recent arbitration cases include:

  • defending a general contractor in the ICAC at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation against a claim by a customer worth approximately US$65 million in connection with complaints about the quality of work on the construction of a shopping centre, as well as submitting a counterclaim on behalf of the general contractor for the return of equipment left at the site;
  • representing an international oilfield services company in the ICAC at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in a lawsuit against another international oilfield services company in connection with the reimbursement of the client’s expenses on remedying an accident and restoring the hermetic seal of an oil well;
  • representing a client at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in a dispute over the termination of a contract for the management of a premium hotel (the company recovered lost profits for the next 40 years of the contract);
  • representing Avia-FED-Service, which supplies and repairs spare parts for all Russian-manufactured aircraft, in an ICAC arbitration against a Ukrainian state-owned holding company regarding the recovery of an advance payment under an air force supply contract for end users located abroad;
  • representing a contractor participating in the construction of a nuclear power plant in an ICC arbitration on a subcontractor’s claim for compensation for the stand-by of dredging equipment;
  • representing a beneficiary, i.e., a Kyrgyz oil trader, in an ICAC arbitration of a dispute with subsidiaries of Rosneft in connection with the recovery of additional payments under an M&A Transaction Agreement relating to four Kyrgyz oil companies previously owned by the client;
  • representing a leader in alternative investment management in an LCIA arbitration against a major international diversified construction holding. The dispute arose out of an English law-governed SPA in relation to shares in a leading Russian oil and gas company and concerned the recovery of an advance payment made under an English law-governed transaction which collapsed;
  • representing, in the ICAC, a buyer of shares claiming for the refund of an advance payment for a share sale transaction which did not take place due to the unsatisfactory results of due diligence of the subject of the transaction.


Quotes from the firm’s customers polled by the GAR 100:

  • the KK&P partners are distinguished by their ‘bravery’, proving more willing to take on cases against major Russian state-owned companies than some of their local competitors;
  • Kulkov is ‘brilliant’ at anticipating opponents’ arguments and digging up facts that ‘lie three times deeper than I could have imagined’. Pokryshkin is ‘sharp and creative’ and ‘always considers all the possible options’;
  • KK&P provides a ‘deep, thoughtful, scrupulous approach’ and a ‘matter of fact, proactive attitude’;
  • Kulkov is a ‘man of great abilities’ with an ‘encyclopaedic knowledge in the fields of Russian civil law and private international law’ – a ‘brilliant legal scholar with the delivery of a prize heavyweight boxer’.


KK&P’s page in The GAR 100 2019 can be accessed at:

The GAR 100 is an annual survey carried out by Global Arbitration Review, identifying and recommending the best law firms ‘approved’ for international arbitration. The rating has proved itself one of the most thoroughly researched in the field.