The GAR 100 2018 has listed KK&P, Russia’s only arbitration and litigation boutique, among the best firms handling international arbitration

KK&P has become one of only two Russian firms to enter The GAR 100’s list of the top international arbitration firms. Previously, the largest Russian law firm, Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners, was the sole Russian firm listed in the ranking.

Here is what clients surveyed by The GAR 100 have said:

  • the KK&P partners are distinguished by their ‘bravery’, proving more willing to take on cases against major Russian state-owned companies than some of their local competitors;
  • Kulkov and Pokryshkin are like ‘raging bulls’ during hearings. Kulkov is ‘brilliant’ at anticipating opponents’ arguments and digging up facts that ‘lie three times deeper than I could have imagined’. Pokryshkin is “sharp and creative’ and “always considers all the possible options’;
  • KK&P provides a ‘deep, thoughtful, scrupulous approach’ and a ‘matter of fact, proactive attitude’;
  • Kulkov is a ‘man of great abilities’ with an ‘encyclopaedic knowledge in the fields of Russian civil law and private international law’ – a ‘brilliant legal scholar with the delivery of a prize heavyweight boxer’.


KK&P’s page in The GAR 100 2018 may be accessed at:

The GAR 100 is an annual survey carried out by Global Arbitration Review, identifying and recommending the best law firms in the field of international arbitration. The rating has proved itself to be doing some of the most thorough research in the field.