Maxim Kulkov to share the secrets of oral advocacy in trial proceedings at the XI ABA Conference on the Resolution of CIS-Related Business Disputes

On 18 September, Maxim Kulkov, Managing Partner of KK&P law firm, will speak at one of the final sessions of the event – Making your case: Practical tips on oral persuasion and advocacy. One of the best trial lawyers in Russia, Maxim will address international delegates on the specifics of defending clients’ interests in Russian courts.

The session will follow on from last year’s Soft Skills session, included in the programme of the X ABA conference in 2018. The session will explore some of the skills in oral advocacy that are most often acquired from mentors or personal experience, rather than reading text books or law journals. These are the kinds of things for which no specialised legal knowledge is required, but that every advocate should know, including establishing the right frame of mind for oral advocacy.

The session will bring together (as speakers) four recognised trial lawyers from different countries, i.e., England, the USA, China and Russia (Russia being represented by Maxim). The panellists will share a variety of recommendations based on their extensive legal experience in different jurisdictions, primarily their own domestic jurisdictions.