According to the–300 2018 major domestic legal rating, KK&P has maintained its position as one of the best dispute resolution firms in Russia

In 2018, according to–300, KK&P was recognised in the following legal categories:


Commenting on the current situation in the Russian legal market, KK&P Managing Partner Maxim Kulkov said: “Competition in the market is growing every year. We are grateful to customers for their trust; the number of requests from our clients is growing. We have received many instructions to prepare expert opinions on Russian law for foreign proceedings, primarily in England, as well as for other advice related to foreign proceedings. This clearly shows that the number of cases involving Russian parties abroad is increasing.

In the near future, the first place will go to those able to provide excellent quality at a low price. The time of large budgets and huge teams of lawyers working on one project is a thing of the past, the competition is too tough. Therefore, it  is only possible [to provide quality at a low price] by way of optimising work and increasing efficiency, i.e., having a narrow specialisation, implementing legal tech, and providing regular trainings for employees to improve both their hard and their soft skills“.

The full text of the article, including Maxim Kulkov’s comments, is available here (in Russian): “Право естественного отбора” (in a special issue of RBC+ dated 6 December 2018 – “–300″: rating-2018”).