KK&P Trial Lawyers prepared legal reviews for Practical Law

Managing partner Maxim Kulkov and Associate Luiza Movsisyan prepared for Practical Law an overview of mediation and amicable settlements in arbitration and civil litigation in Russia.

  • Annotation to the review “Mediation in the Russian Federation”:

A Practice Note providing an overview of the key legal issues that need to be considered, from a Russian law perspective, when mediating a civil dispute.

Read the review: https://kkplaw.ru/files/Mediations_in_the_Russian_Federation_Overview_Kulkov_Movsisyan.pdf

  • Annotation to the review “Settlement of Civil Disputes in Russia”:

A Practice Note providing an overview on the key aspects of settling a civil dispute in Russia, including statutory duties to attempt settlement, the form and formalities of settlement, how to ensure confidentiality of the settlement terms, whether negotiations are without prejudice, third-party rights, remedies for breach, enforcement of the settlement terms, and how to set aside a settlement agreement.

Read the review: https://kkplaw.ru/files/Settlement_of_Civil_Disputes_in_Russia_Overview_Kulkov_Movsisyan.pdf