Maxim Kulkov and Dmitry Ilin spoke at the Collecting Bad Debts. Throwing Good Money after Bad? RAA conference

On 15 June, KK&P Managing Partner Maxim Kulkov and Senior Associate Dmitry Ilin took part in a session on issues of non-performance and termination of contracts.

Maxim Kulkov moderated the discussion and presented a paper on “Sanctions as grounds for termination”. Maxim talked about the rules and grounds for cancellation of a contract due to a material change of circumstances in accordance with Article 451 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and contrasted the same with force majeure circumstances (Article 401 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). He also talked about the moment a contract is considered terminated and the distribution of costs between the parties in the event of premature cancellation of the contract.

Maxim’s presentation:

Dmitry Ilin and colleagues discussed the minimisation of losses caused by unilateral termination of contracts, i.e., criteria and approaches in current practice, and Dmitry also spoke about the burden of proof and risks of recovery of lost profits.

Dmitry’s presentation:

The other participants were Dmitry Soldatkin (SZP Law) and Stepan Sultanov (KIAP).

Video recording of the session “Issues of non-performance and termination of contracts”:

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