Nikita specialises in the resolution of commercial disputes in state courts of the Russian Federation and bankruptcy cases.

Participation in the Metrostroy bankruptcy case. The project is critical, both for the continuation of the construction of the metro in St Petersburg and for the satisfaction of lenders’ claims through the return and sale of assets worth more than US$200 million and subsidiary liability of the debtor’s shareholders.
Participation in the preparation of an expert for an SCC case with regard to the statute of limitations for a contractor agreement. The client was a contractor for a leading Russian producer of nickel. The Tribunal agreed with team’s opinion, and the client defeated a US$15 million claim.

Participation in preparing an expert opinion for the High Court of England and Wales in PJSC Tatneft v Bogolyubov & Ors on over a hundred issues of Russian law, including the possibility of bringing a tort claim against a company’s controlling persons in response to the company’s non-performance of contractual obligations bypassing the ‘competition of claims’…
Representing a co-owner of a supermarket chain in the process of applying for interim measures (seizure of real estate) in support of an LCIA arbitration initiated in England and a dispute in Cyprus in connection with the violation of a shareholders’ agreement (SHA) regarding management of large shopping centres in Moscow and the Moscow Region. The client entered into a settlement agreement with the opponent on favourable terms.

Representing clients (former members and directors of the company) in a major corporate conflict in order to restore lost control over the company and protect against the recovery of corporate losses under 12 parallel cases on challenging corporate decisions, transactions on the disposal of shares and assets, recovery of losses and subsidiary liability.
Representing Raiffeisenbank in the case of the bankruptcy of a debtor with a debt of over US$53 million secured by the pledge of a Russian shopping centre. The project was successfully implemented, despite disputes on subordination, unauthorised construction, invalidity of collateral and a chain of restructuring transactions.

Representing Raiffeisenbank in a dispute over the demolition of a shopping mall (pledged in favour of the bank) based on the claim of a municipal authority. The parties entered into a lease agreement for a municipal land plot, which nullified the opponent’s claims, as the basis for its demolition claims was the lack of title to the land.
Representing former shareholders and managers of a regional construction company (on the debtor’s side) in an insolvency case in two disputes on recovery of damages allegedly caused by the clients via the debtor’s sham transactions with another construction company and dissipation of assets.