Maria specializes in resolving commercial disputes in international arbitration and Russian courts. Maria’s experience also covers insolvency disputes and subsidiary liability disputes.

Maria is duly experienced in legal support transactions and corporate law issues.


Defending Metallimpress (a general contractor) in the ICAC against a claim worth over US$65m filed by Zhoukovsky (a customer) in connection with complaints regarding the quality of work on the construction of a shopping centre. The firm successfully defended the client from 75% of the claim. The parties settled, reducing the amount recovered from our client by 89% of the original claim.
Participation in the Metrostroy bankruptcy case. The project is critical, both for the continuation of the construction of the metro in St Petersburg and for the satisfaction of lenders’ claims through the return and sale of assets worth more than US$200m and subsidiary liability of the debtor’s shareholders.

Representing clients (former members and directors of the company) in a major corporate conflict in order to restore lost control over the company and protect against the recovery of corporate losses under 12 parallel cases on challenging corporate decisions, transactions on the disposal of shares and assets, recovery of losses and subsidiary liability.
Representing one of the ten largest transport companies in Russia, in a dispute against the Department of Presidential Affairs of Russia, which claimed US$30m in compensation for harm caused by the client’s allegedly illegal privatisation and disposal of Russian real estate assets located abroad (UK, India, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland).

Successful defence of one of the ten largest transport companies in Russia and its senior executives in courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, in three disputes on subsidiary liability for US$7m…
Representation of oil traders in the bankruptcy case of Samaratransneft-Terminal with a register of claims of US$662m made it possible to achieve a peaceful settlement at the end of a year of disputes over the subordination of US$307m in bond claims. We also secured the inclusion in the register of a US$12m claim based on a pdf copy of a guarantee under Swiss law, the issuance of which the debtor denied.
Participation in the preparing of a legal opinion on the issues of Russian law in relation to the High Court claim concerning a major Russian fishing holding worth about US$1.5bn. The Claimant, a former partner and shareholder in the group, issued a claim against its former partners and senior executives alleging that his shares had been unlawfully dissipated while he was in prison.
Preparing expert reports and giving evidence before the High Court in order to stay proceedings in the High Court in favour of arbitration proceedings in Russia (ICAC) on the basis of an arbitration clause in the contract. The case was recently settled.
Providing UniCredit Bank with a complex legal and economic expert opinion regarding the debtor’s finance and assets on the date of the payment execution of more than US$4.2m in favour of the client in order to defend against the receiver’s claim challenging the payment which it alleges was executed when the debtor was insolvent.
Representing a liquidator in a dispute related to bankruptcy and liquidation of OJSC Smolensky bank in courts of all instances, including the Russian Supreme Court.