Irina represents clients in Russian state courts of all instances and at the ICAC. Irina is recognised by the authoritative international legal directory Best Lawyers.

Irina specialises in bankruptcy cases, as well as resolving disputes arising out of international trade agreements and corporate disputes, and recognising and enforcing awards of international commercial arbitration institutions. Examples of her work are given below.

Representing a foreign supplier in an ICAC arbitration as well as in the proceedings in connection with enforcement of the arbitral award.
Representing a foreign beneficiary (a producer of machine tools) in the bankruptcy proceedings of a Russian subsidiary in a corporate conflict with a Russian partner.
Representing IT company beneficiaries in a dispute arising out of a copyright infringement, developing a position on the opponents’ infringement of the clients’ copyright in connection with the unauthorised use of the results of joint creative activity in breach of agreements.
Representing a client in a dispute over the recognition and enforcement in Russia of a decision by the Arbitration Court Attached to the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic.
Representing a foreign state-owned bank in the bankruptcy proceedings of its debtors, i.e., Russian glass manufacturers, including disputes with sureties and unscrupulous creditors.
Representing a corporate group’s beneficial co-owner in a corporate conflict, and obtaining decisions in favour of the client on commercial and corporate disputes initiated by both parties.